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4 oz herbal tea *various blends*

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4 oz herbal tea *various blends*

4 oz tins of herbal tea in various blends of organic, locally growm, small-batch herbs:
-rose + lavender
-love spell (tantalizing blend of herbs with proposed aphrodisiac and relaxing qualities such as hibiscus, rose, damiana, and blue lotus with a hint of the warm taste of vanilla, cinnamon, and cacao)
-women's blend (a tea with herbs believed to mediate PMS symptoms such as red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, peppermint)
-cinnamon bun (spiced black tea)
-mojito (a green tea base paired with the traditional flavors of mint herbs and a hint of lime)
-sangria (a black tea base paired with the floral, sweet, but slightly tart flavor of hibiscus and sweet fruity notes throughout)