herbal mocktail tea line

$15.55 - $22.22
herbal mocktail tea line

a cocktail and spirit inspired herbal tea line! please note NONE of these contain ANY alcohol, they are simply named after drinks where inspiration for flavors was taken from. these are herbal teas, not alcoholic drinks. recommended to enjoy iced. come in 2 oz glass bottles or 2 oz tins.

available blends:
-moscow mule: a refreshing green tea base with flavors of ginger, lime, and a hint of mint.
-amaretto sour: a smooth green tea base with delectable notes of almond, cherry, and a sour addition.
-lavender tom collins: a relaxing mocktail blend with lavender and lemon flavors.
-old fashioned: a smooth, robust spiced black tea base with notes of orange and cherry.
-margarita: refreshing green tea base with notes of lime and orange, and either strawberry (strawberry margarita) or blood orange (blood orange margarita)
-mojito: a base refreshing green tea with heavy notes of spearmint and peppermint and hints of lime.
-herbal beer: a traditional blend of mugwort + hops.
-herbal wine 1: dandelion + elderberry come together to create a rich yet sweet blend.
-herbal wine 2: lemon balm, lemon verbena, and hibiscus come together to resemble the flavors of a red sour wine.
-herbal mead: a sweet and earthly herbal blend. recommended to enjoy with honey or agave.
-sangria: black tea base with heavy notes of hibiscus and delectable fruity flavors disbursed throughout.

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