Image of simple elegant heart sun-catchers

simple elegant heart sun-...

Image of pumpkin latte room sprays (pumpkin spice latte or sweet cream pumpkin latte)

pumpkin latte room sprays...

Image of Love Spell herbal blends (smoking and teas)

Love Spell herbal blends ...

Image of Love Potion Ceramic Mug

Love Potion Ceramic Mug

Image of Farmhouse Style Spooky Season Ceramic Mug

Farmhouse Style Spooky Se...

Image of Farmhouse Style Witch Please Ceramic Mug

Farmhouse Style Witch Ple...

Image of Pink Spooky Witches Brew Ceramic Mug

Pink Spooky Witches Brew ...

Image of angel number necklaces (silver and gold)

angel number necklaces (s...

Image of dainty moon and star necklace

dainty moon and star neck...

Image of cherry picking earrings

cherry picking earrings

Image of room/body sprays

room/body sprays

Image of gemstone spinner/fidget rings (around size 9)

gemstone spinner/fidget r...

Image of adjustable crystal bracelet bands/arm cuffs

adjustable crystal bracel...

Image of after i eat - digestive enhancing and anti-inflammatory herbal tea

after i eat - digestive e...

Image of tummy wellness - general digestive aid herbal tea

tummy wellness - general ...

Image of aura coated obsidian triple goddess necklace

aura coated obsidian trip...

Image of MYSTERY rainbow suncatchers

MYSTERY rainbow suncatchers

$22.22 | On Sale
Image of Budgeting BLANK Spiral notebook

Budgeting BLANK Spiral no...

Image of To Do List BLANK Spiral notebook

To Do List BLANK Spiral n...

Image of Support Small Business Bubble-free stickers

Support Small Business Bu...

Image of Herb Bunch Bubble-free stickers

Herb Bunch Bubble-free st...

Image of BLANK manifestation journal!

BLANK manifestation journal!

Image of sweet + spiced peppermint oil roller

sweet + spiced peppermint...

Image of lemon drop oil roller

lemon drop oil roller

Image of eucalyptus, mint, and herb oil roller

eucalyptus, mint, and her...

Image of chamomile + sweet orange oil roller

chamomile + sweet orange ...

Image of honey + lavender oil roller

honey + lavender oil roller

Image of vanilla rose oil roller

vanilla rose oil roller

$15.55 | Sold Out
Image of custom fragrance *READ DESCRIPTION*

custom fragrance *READ DE...

Image of Write Into Existence - A Daily Manifestation & Gratitude Journal E-BOOK/PDF

Write Into Existence - A ...

Image of captivate herbal tea

captivate herbal tea

Image of tobacco vanilla fragrance black matte 30mL

tobacco vanilla fragrance...

Image of herbal soaps *READ DESCRIPTION*

herbal soaps *READ DESCRI...

Image of Custom skull facial/body oil droppers *READ DESCRIPTION

Custom skull facial/body ...

Image of Mug with Color Inside

Mug with Color Inside

Image of Legalize Unisex T-Shirt

Legalize Unisex T-Shirt

Image of labradorite moon bracelet

labradorite moon bracelet

$15.55 | Sold Out
Image of crystal bracelet

crystal bracelet

Image of evil eye necklaces

evil eye necklaces

Image of ADD ON PRODUCT FOR ORDERS $25+. sample perfume/cologne/facial oil


Image of vintage custom perfume READ DESCRIPTION

vintage custom perfume RE...

Image of custom perfumes *READ DESCRIPTION!!!*

custom perfumes *READ DES...

Image of tigers eye turtle necklace

tigers eye turtle necklace

Image of tigers eye necklace

tigers eye necklace

Image of amethyst + moonstone moon necklace

amethyst + moonstone moon...

$22.22 | Sold Out
Image of green aventurine + moonstone moon necklace

green aventurine + moonst...

Image of green aventurine elephant necklace

green aventurine elephant...

$18.88 | Sold Out
Image of golden snake necklace

golden snake necklace

Image of goldstone earrings

goldstone earrings

$8.88 | On Sale
Image of labradorite rings

labradorite rings

Image of rainbow titanium moon necklace

rainbow titanium moon nec...

Image of rainbow titanium sun necklace

rainbow titanium sun neck...

Image of rainbow gem necklace

rainbow gem necklace

Image of rainbow chained necklace

rainbow chained necklace

Image of zodiac two-sided chains

zodiac two-sided chains

Image of jaunt wraps collab electroformed butterfly suncatcher

jaunt wraps collab electr...

Image of adjustable rings sterling silver plated

adjustable rings sterling...

$11.11 | On Sale
Image of rainbow starfish suncatcher

rainbow starfish suncatcher

$25.55 | Sold Out
Image of rainbow monstera leaf earrings πŸŒˆπŸƒ

rainbow monstera leaf ear...

Image of blue mushroom hanging decor 🌞🌈✨

blue mushroom hanging dec...

Image of pink mushroom hanging decor 🌞🌈✨

pink mushroom hanging dec...

Image of decorative cloth embroidered linen napkins SET OF TWO

decorative cloth embroide...



$22.22 | On Sale
Image of intuitively chosen ammonite disk (one)

intuitively chosen ammoni...

$25.55 | On Sale
Image of rainbow iridescent necklace

rainbow iridescent neckla...

Image of rainbow earrings 1

rainbow earrings 1

Image of rose + lavender herbal tea

rose + lavender herbal tea

$15.55 | On Sale
Image of rainbow earrings 2

rainbow earrings 2

Image of rainbow earrings 3

rainbow earrings 3

Image of red suncatcher

red suncatcher

$28.88 | Sold Out
Image of bee beanies

bee beanies

Image of Embroidered newborn onesies

Embroidered newborn onesi...

Image of glow in the dark jellyfish crewnecks

glow in the dark jellyfis...

Image of Mushroom beanie

Mushroom beanie

Image of growth room/body sprays

growth room/body sprays

Image of fly away sunflower beanie

fly away sunflower beanie

Image of This is the way beanie

This is the way beanie

Image of custom zodiac hoodies *read description for instructions*

custom zodiac hoodies *re...

Image of white butterfly crewnecks

white butterfly crewnecks

Image of Mountain View crewneck

Mountain View crewneck

Image of protection room/body spray

protection room/body spray

Image of existence is pain tshirts by Chava’s homegrown

existence is pain tshirts...

Image of forest beanie

forest beanie

$33.33 | On Sale
Image of half-polished fluorite moon two

half-polished fluorite mo...

Image of half-polished fluorite moon three

half-polished fluorite mo...

Image of half-polished fluorite moon one

half-polished fluorite mo...

Image of amethyst root three

amethyst root three

Image of tall fluorite towers

tall fluorite towers

Image of amethyst root one

amethyst root one

Image of butterfly rainbow iridescent necklace

butterfly rainbow iridesc...

Image of garnet stretch bracelets

garnet stretch bracelets

Image of gold sheen black obsidian stretch bracelets

gold sheen black obsidian...

Image of amazonite towers

amazonite towers

$11.11 | On Sale
Image of honey tigers eye stretch bracelets

honey tigers eye stretch ...

Image of candied pears luxury perfume

candied pears luxury perfume

Image of chevron amethyst towers

chevron amethyst towers

$7.77 | On Sale
Image of purple rainbow iridescent butterfly suncatcher

purple rainbow iridescent...

$26.66 | Sold Out
Image of pink butterfly suncatcher

pink butterfly suncatcher

$25.55 | On Sale
Image of indigo butterfly suncatcher

indigo butterfly suncatcher

$25.55 | On Sale
Image of green butterfly suncatcher

green butterfly suncatcher

$25.55 | On Sale
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